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Water dish with auto-fill float and animal guard
Large opening for water replenishment with mosquito screen
Roto-molded 50 gallon water reservoir
The WG1 wildlife guzzler kit makes a quick and easy 50 gallon water source for both domestic and wild animals.
The cure for thirsty critters
Wildlife Guzzler
Duel LED light panels deliver ~1000 lumens of light
Versatile mounting bracket for pole or building
Monocrystalline silicon solar collector
The SF1 solar flood light improves the safety and security parts of the ranch or farm where there is no light.
Add light where there is no line power
Available Now: Solar Flood Light
Solid bottom
Nylon mesh for visibility of contents
Nylon drawstring closure
Net duffle with drawstring to collect your stuff.
Set of 3
The Bubba Duffle

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What’s a hobby farmer? It’s guy or gal that get’s into farming or ranching as an avocation rather than a vocation.  

The Fat Rancher chronicles a city boy’s experience buying and setting up a small ranch operation.  

Candid and informative, FatRancher.com gives the wannabe or neophyte landowner tips and advice that can save a novice a lot of heartache.

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Texas Redoubt would like to congratulate our two giveaway winners! Congratulations to Jennifer and Rebecca for each winning a Texas Redoubt SF-1 solar floodlight!
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Whole-house generator installation tips

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It’s that time of year again. Makin’ hay ain’t just for the sales team. Late March into April when the spring rains start. That’s when I get my tractor time: Long hours on a ro…
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Snowmageddon 2021!

Well, Snowmageddon (extreme weather) in Texas is finally over. Actually, it’s been over for about four days now. But things still aren’t back to normal. The Fat Rancher likes to think that he’s …
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