Western Industries FuelCube

The FuelCube is a compact and economic stationary fuel tank designed for onsite fuel supply and fleet refueling.

With a lockable equipment cabinet and secure fueling (even while the tank is locked), these tanks captures spills and prevents fuel theft.

Aurora Diesel Generators

These North American built heavy duty generators do not produce smoke, odor or loud noise. They use new clean diesel technology engines made in the USA from Perkins / Caterpillar.

Texas Metal Tanks

Texas Metal Tanks manufactures both traditional galvanized steel cisterns and stainless steel cisterns.  Galvanized steel tanks are G-90 grade 20 gauge metal made in the USA.  

What's on Texas Redoubt?

This Ain't Your "Big Box" Generator!

Are you ready for “The Big One?”

While that heavily advertised generator says they are disaster ready, check under the cover.  Is it a lawn mower engine attached to a light weight alternator?  Is the canopy plastic? Will it run on a readily available fuel or will you be dependent upon the gas company?

In this video the folks at Aurora Generator give you an up close and personal tour of what makes their generator disaster ready.

What’s a hobby farmer? It’s guy or gal that get’s into farming or ranching as an avocation rather than a vocation.  

The Fat Rancher chronicles a city boy’s experience buying and setting up a small ranch operation.  

Candid and informative, gives the wannabe or neophyte landowner tips and advice that can save a novice a lot of heartache.

Take me to The Fat Rancher!

Western Industries Fuel Cube

A complete fuel solution for work-site or ranch.

Available in an array of sizes with options to fit any needs.  The Fuel Cube can be customized to meet most requirements.