Aurora Diesel Generator

Whole-House Diesel Generators Designed for the Long Haul

About Aurora Diesel Generator

Aurora Diesel Generator builds some of the world’s most compact liquid-cooled diesel generators.  Ranging from 4 to 30 kW, Aurora Generators are assembled in Canada using US made Perkins diesel engines.

The Aurora Diesel Generator is in a different class than big-box store consumer generators.  They are built with commercial grade components designed for long run times and high reliability.  Clean running, quiet and incredibly long life diesel engines are designed to run for up to three weeks without an oil change.  Aurora products are designed for the long haul.

This 20,000 watt whole home generator uses a four stroke, four cylinder, engine designed for low vibration, steady and consistent power.  It includes an automatic start controller, direct drive alternator, built-in fuel tank, and advanced genset controller.  Built with stainless steel hardware, Aurora’s goal is to outlast all other comparable generators.  They even offer double the warranty of any other brand generator.



Compact engine with the same exceptional performance and long life as the larger Perkins engines. Liquid cooled, four cylinder, 2.2-liter engine is suitable for both prime and standby power use. Enjoy fewer oil, air and fuel filter changes (every 500 hours depending on load factor). This engine has a proven record for hard working reliability in transport truck auxiliary power units to refrigeration units.

Generator Alternator

The Aurora Diesel Generator industrial class alternators are highly reliable and produce clean, stable power even in harsh conditions. Automatic Voltage regulation to 0.5% precision. The alternator is brushless and requires no maintenance. The generator head is directly driven by a heavy engine flywheel. The large rotating mass helps to reduce fluctuations in power when heavy loads are applied.

Fuel tank

Integrated generator fuel tank helps to simplify installation and reduce generator footprint. Fuel tank uses a high visibility mechanical fuel gauge for quick fuel checks. A secondary electronic gauge is monitored and displayed by the electronic engine controller. If the fuel level is low, a safety shutdown occurs before the tank is empty.  This feature helps reduce downtime or service calls by preventing the engine from running dry.

Digital Generator Management

Comprehensive generator instrumentation, protection, and control, 150 event log, fuel level display and alarm, maintenance and exercise clock, and much more are standard in the Aurora Diesel Generator. The controller is built to withstand severe duty, extreme shock, and vibration. Easy to use and configure via front panel buttons, it can be used manually or with fully automatic starting with a transfer switch or wireless remote control. Additional customer sensor monitoring and switched outputs are standard.   

Standard Features for Aurora Generators

Aurora Diesel Generator AGi20P Specifications
Specifications Subject to Change

Preheating & Post-heating

Pre and Post glow plug heating phases can be used in this generator. Preheating helps with the initial starting. Post-heating is used after the engine has started to help reduce false starts and rough idling, along with reducing start-up emissions. False start detection (failure to start with the first crank) along with automatic recovery ensure dependable startups.  This feature makes unattended starting simple and reliable.

Maintenance and Exercise Clock

It is easy to lose track of how long your generator has been running without it. The maintenance clock keeps track of your run time and is set to remind you when it is time to do an oil change. The exercise clock extends engine life and improves reliability by running the generator regularly to test and lubricate the engine.  In a similar fashion low battery detection can also trigger an exercise cycle to top off a flagging starter battery.

Acoustical Sound Enclosure

Weather resistant enclosure is constructed out of galvanized steel and assembled with high strength stainless steel fasteners. Tough powder coated finish, acoustic sound insulation, and chrome lockable doors are just some of the great features. The neutral gray color is cosmetically appealing and easy to care for.

Engine Warranty

Perkins engines come with a two-year or 3,000-hour warranty

Generator Warranty

The Aurora Diesel Generator comes with a five-year limited warranty standard.

Beyond The Standard Engine Warranty

Texas Redoubt customers also have an option to buy a Perkins Platinum Protection policy to cover your engine beyond the standard warranty period.  Up to 100% of engine components are covered, and the warranty can be transferred to a new owner.  You can buy the extended coverage anytime before your standard warranty coverage expires.

Why Diesel?

New clean diesel technology engines produce no smoke and near zero emissions. Diesel is the world’s most fuel-efficient internal combustion engine that will outlast traditional gasoline, natural gas and propane engines by 20:1.

When disaster strikes, the supply of natural gas and propane is often disrupted. Diesel fuel is often more easily obtained (only about 3% of US passenger cars and trucks sold in 2014 were diesel powered), and can be stored effectively for years (unlike gasoline).  Diesel is the most energy dense fuel available, and generating electricity with a diesel powered engine is the lease expensive option over any other fuel source.

Diesel engines are very reliable, mechanically simple, and usually built to commercial service standards.  A diesel powered generator can operate non-stop for weeks at a  time if required.  No other power source can compare to the reliability and low operating costs of a diesel powered generator.

The Aurora Diesel Generator can be depended upon when you need it.

Aurora Generator Warranty