April 17, 2017

Question: “What did South Australians have before candles?” Answer: “Electricity”

An interesting article by Viv Forbes in the April 13, 2017 Canada Free Press:

A Diesel in the Shed

You can have your solar panels
and your turbines on the hills;
You can use the warmth of sunshine
to reduce your heating bills.

You can dream you’re self-sufficient
as you weed your vegie bed;
As long as you make sure to keep
A diesel in the shed.

Viv relates his childhood on a dairy farm in Queensland Australia where the ultimate green energy (horses and humans) made the farm go round.  Of course, the environmentalists might argue their methane output doesn’t really make them green… But I digress.

Mr. Forbes recounts how life changed with the addition of a diesel generator and some batteries.

Apparently those living in Tasmania are back to using diesel generators since the failure of their wind farms and coal power line.

Now, Mr. Forbes characterization of diesel generators as noisy and smelly implies that he has not had the opportunity to listen (and smell) an Aurora clean diesel generator!