Solar Floodlight Giveaway

About the Solar Floodlight: $129 MSRP

The Texas Redoubt solar floodlight brings light to those areas of the ranch that are without power.

Using a monocrystalline silicon solar panel, the SF1 powers two banks of white LEDs to produce approximately 1000 lumens of illumination.

Adding a solar-powered floodlight improves safety, security and will likely discourage predators.

Intelligent lighting modes keep the LED banks on a power-sipping 10% illumination all night. However, when the passive infrared motion sensor detects activity, the LEDs are brought up to 100% brightness. In this fashion, the battery power is conserved for operation even on cloudy days.

Photo of Solar Floodlight
The SF-1 solar floodlight can be attached to a telephone pole, tree, building or metal pole.

The Fat Rancher has been using this floodlight for two years on the back entrance of the ranch house. It’s as dependable as the day is long.

We have tried several other products similar to this floodlight. However, we have found quite a difference in reliability and mounting flexibility. So far, this one is the best of the lot