February 16, 2017

Wildlife Water Guzzler

Supporting Wildlife on Your Ranch with Wildlife Water Guzzler

Landowners often supplant naturally occurring deer fodder on their property with corn and protein feeders or grass and legume feed plots.

But unless you have prominent water features such as a tank or stream, it’s a good idea to provide supplemental water for your wildlife.

Texas Metal Tanks has developed a wildlife guzzler which should stand the test of time.  Constructed out of heavy gauge galvanized steel, water storage comes in 200 and 250 gallon sizes.

TMT Wildlife Guzzler

Texas Metal Tanks inverted collection wildlife guzzler

The large, top mounted inverted collection cone has a debris screen to keep leaves and acorns out.  The low profile drinking pan gives the little critters a chance to escape, while the float keeps the water refilled after heavy drinkers.

A supply hose permits the drinking pan to be located away from the storage/collection tank.  The remote fill hose also permits the tank to be located uphill, or the pan to be located in the shade to minimize evaporation.

Guzzler Sizes

The 200 gallon tank is 2’9” tall by 42” in diameter.  The inverted top is 6’6” in diameter.

The 250 gallon tank is 2’9” tall by 48” in diameter.  The inverted top is 7’ in diameter.

What to Expect from a Wildlife Water Guzzler

According to Texas Metal Tanks:

The 200 gallon tank will collect over 600 gallons of rainwater per year in Central Texas.  The 250 gallon tank will collect approximately 750 gallons.  Water is dispensed through a small pan with a float valve.  These wildlife water guzzlers are still great for wildlife on your property, or they can be used as a remote watering system too.

Texas Metal Tanks will install wildlife water guzzlers and bird boxes to facilitate your Texas Wildlife Plan.  They will also install rain collections systems at your ranch.

Deer drinking at a TMT wildlife water guzzler.

TMT Wildlife Water Guzzler and deer.

Texas Parks and Wildlife has produced a video on supplemental water systems and the repopulation of the Texas Bighorn Sheep.

Here is a handbook produced by Texas Parks and Wildlife on Water for Texas Wildlife (PDF format).

Installing a wildlife water guzzler is an inexpensive way to attract and support wildlife on your property.  Whether you use a prefabricated guzzler like the Texas Metal Tanks product or you build one yourself, the wildlife you attract will be fun to photograph.

Bobcat and wildlife water guzzler.

Texas Bobcat approaching TMT wildlife water guzzler.